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Deep6 Sets up HR Outsourcing Dept for UK Oilfield firm in Philippines

Oct 2010 19
by super user

Deep6 uses its expertise in BPO to set up a fully serviced outsourced HR department for a UK oilfield company in the Philippines.

This has allowed the UK company to operate with massive savings by using the philippines turnkey operation.

Office furnished with state of the art VOIP systems and CMS HR Management server in a 30 seat call centre was staffed for the client with Filipino staff. The staff were put through training on all systems prior to going live.

The trained staff are able to work on shifts round the clock completing HR tasks, hiring personnel from all world locations to go to any world oilfield location, booking flights and hotels, organising crew changes etc.

This is much more than a 50% saving in UK costs allowing the company to do more with less budget.

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