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Why the Philippines?

English Language proficient, information technology trained, human resource, and finance/accounting professionals are a significant contributing factor in deciding on Deep6 in the Philippines as your outsourced choice. The proficiency of many Filipinos in English and Spanish have been major factors in the growth of BPO in the Philippines. Labor sources also prefer Filipinos over Indians when it comes to customer support and customer interaction due to Filipinos' relative ease and familiarity with the English language culture.

As a former American colony, the country's education system is patterned after the American education system and this includes American-style diction and pronunciation of the English language. This gives Filipino-English a neutral or an almost American accent.

The country has a rich pool of low-cost yet English- and IT-proficient business, accounting, HRM and engineering graduates. Moreover, the World Competitiveness Report 2001 ranked the Philippines 16th of 49 countries for "International Business Experience." These professionals are also particularly noteworthy for their marked customer service orientation, superior work ethic, high degree of trainability, flexibility, multicultural adaptability, and loyalty. Rounding up the Philippines' advantages as a BPO destination are its strategic location, the availability of prime yet low-cost real estate in the country, its good and increasingly cost-competitive telecommunications and other business infrastructure, its expatriate-agreeable lifestyle, and its progressively IT-supportive policies and incentives.


The Philippines has the largest number of accredited accountants in Asia, with the number growing yearly. Filipino accountants are also renowned for their flexibility in working with multiple accounting standards.